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Demaar EWJ, Williams HL, Miller AI, Pfeiffer CC. 
“Effects in man of single and combined oral doses of reserpine, iproniazid, and d-lysergic acid diethylamide”. 
Clin.Pharmacol.Therap.. 1960;1:23.
Sixteen volunteers (mean age 34 years) were given in a double-blind study orally once a week: 2 mg. reserpine with 100 mg. iproniazid; 25, 50 and 100 mcg. LSD; 25 or 50 mcg. LSD with 2 mg. reserpine and 100 mg. iproniazid; 2 mg. reserpine; 100 mg. iproniazid; and 25 or 50 mcg. LSD in combination with either 2 mg. reserpine or 100 mg. iproniazid. . The objective signs of the drugs effect (blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil diameter, oral temperature and hand steadiness) were measured. The mental effects were checked by interview 3 hours after medication and by written statements 24 hours after the drugs was administered. Psychic effects of LSD plus reserpine (10 trials) or LSD plus iproniazid (17 trials) or LSD plus reserpine plus iproniazid [number of trials?] did not differ from that of LSD alone. A total of 172 trials were analyzed. In 113 of 122 trials with LSD alone or with other drugs, an LSD-like effect was reported. In 49 of 50 trials with drugs other than LSD "no LSD" was reported. . When reserpine was given with iproniazid (27 times) an LSD-like effect was reported 3 times [?] (5 trials were missed). The subjects are able to discriminate between LSD and other drugs. The physical findings after LSD administration (among which mydriasis was the most constant) are different from those after reserpine plus iproniazid. . The subjects could identify the intensity of the symptoms and relate them to the dosage of LSD. . The main objective of this study was to find out whether subjects discriminate between LSD and other drugs, whether addition of reserpine or iproniazid to LSD alters the psychic effect of LSD, and whether reserpine plus iproniazid induce LSD-like symptoms as Shore and Brodie, LSD No. 316, found the latter combination to have an LSD-like effect in the rabbit. The 3 reports of an LSD-like effect after reserpine plus iproniazid possibly refer to subjective bodily symptoms.
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