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Giberti F, Gregoretti L. 
“Nouveaux aspects des expériences avec des drogues psychotropes (LSD-25 et LAE-32) dans les psychonévroses.”. 
Neuro-Psychopharmacology. 1959;p576-578.
Short report on the use of LSD (100 mcg. orally, 2-8 times at weekly intervals) in 12 cases of hysterical conversion syndrome and 14 patients with compulsive states and phobias (a total of 79 studies). Further 26 subjects were given 500 mcg. LAE-32 i.m. once or twice (a total of 31 studies). . Generally the psychodiagnostic effect of LSD was superior to that of LAE-32. . "In the hysterics the psychotoxic stimulation seems to produce an atmosphere of almost miraculous actualization in which the mythomaniac and pathomimic attitudes are realized in the experiencing of the bodily sensations and sensory impressions, and in the intensification of expressive behavior. . In phobias the drug's reaction was especially developed on the plane of ethical conflicts where the dynamic features are experienced in their entire depth as a moral struggle and psychosomatic suffering. . In LSD experiments the inability for self-realization in its qualitative variety is revealed: in the case of hysterics on the plane of expressive capacity and in phobias on the plane of ethics and activity." . (See 108, 321, 343, 398, 444, 525, 603 and 721)
Notes # : Volume/Number designation unclear. Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of Neuro-Psychopharmacology, Rome, September 1958
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