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Melander B, Martens S. 
“Experimental studies on taraxein and LSD.”. 
Acta psychiat.Scandinav.. 1959;34:Suppl. 136, 344.
Taraxein (an amount corresponding to 400 ml. or serum) given i.v. to Rhesus monkeys causes behavioral changes dominated by catatonic-like phenomena. . When 2-3 mg/kg body weight Kabi 888 (di-iso=propanol-aminopropyl-phenothiazine-HC1) was given i.v. at the height of the taraxein effect (i.e. 15 minutes after the taraxein i.v.) complete loss of muscle tone, general piloerection and a deep sleep followed immediately. The animal could not be aroused for 10-15 minutes and then returned to "taraxein behavior". The above-mentioned dose of Kabi 888 alone did not have any effect. . 15-30 mcg/kg LSD was given i.v. to the same monkeys. They becamse slightly "catatonic" but the reaction was weaker than with taraxein. At this stage and i.v. injection of 2-3 mg/kg Kabi 888 produced a loss of muscle tone followed by a deep sleep-like state (10 minutes long). . 0.1-1 mg/kg acetylcholine, adrenalin, adrenolutin, atropine, histamine, mescaline and serotonin when given i.v. to cats produced no marked change of behavior. Following premedication with LSD the same amounts of the above-mentioned drugs caused striking behavioral changes. . The authors presume that LSD and taraxein enable certain i.v. injected drugs to act upon brain structures which are normally not accessible to them. . Preliminary studies with acetyl-LSD (ALD) and BOL-148 (dosage as LSD) showed that ALD but not BOL- 148 had an LSD-like effect.
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