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Cohen S. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide: side effects and complications”. 
J. Nerv. ment. Dis.. 1960;130:30.
Inquiries (number of patients and tests, complications and precautions) were received from 44 investigators who had experience with LSD or mescaline in normal subjects or patients. 5000 individuals had received LSD or mescaline on more than 25,000 occasions, one single person 1-80 times one of the drugs. Dosages: 25-1500 mcg. LSD, 200-1200 mg. mescaline. [Total dosage?]. No serious prolonged physical side-effects were found. LSD immediate adverse reaction: 1 epinephrine-like reaction, several cases of unmanageability, or panic episodes, occasionally a severe catatonic state. Adverse reactions in the post-LSD period: Prolonged psychotic reactions 8 cases of psychotic reactions lasting longer than 48 hours (only 1 experimental subject) 2 patients went into remission within 2 weeks, the other 5 had prolonges courses (one case described in detail). Suicidal tendency - - addiction is unlikely because of rapid onset of tolerance. Contraindications: Neuropsychiatric disease, schizoid personalities or compensated schizophrenics, epileptics, obsessive compulsives, seriously depressed patients; serious physical disease, liver damage. Regarding suicidal tendency: "An analysis of the data on successful and unsuccessful suicide attempts reveals that in only a very few instances, a direct connection between the LSD experience and the movement toward self-destruction could be discerned". "...Stroll, during a visit to this country, spoke of a woman who had been given the drug without her knowledge. The devastating effects of a completely unexplicable psychic disruption were seemingly too much for this person to endure and she took her life." Estimated rates of major complications associated with mescaline producted nausea and emisis in some cases and in two, a shock-like state. One severe panic reaction and several recurrences of the mescaline state after a period of complete recovery were reported.
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