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Ray OS, Marrazzi AS. 
“Antagonism of behavioral effects of lysergic acid diethylamide by pretreatment with chlorpromazine”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1960;19:24.
Since the central inhibitory actions (on the transcallosal system) of psychotogenic drugs can be blocked by pretreatment with tranquilizers, the authors investigated the effect of chlorpromazine (Cpz) on behavioral inhibition caused by LSD. . Rats were rewarded (water) for lever presses in response to an auditory stimulus at 40 second intervals. 100-500 mcg/kg LSD i.p. eliminated lever pressing for 18-50 minutes, depending on dose. Cpz 15 minutes before 35-70 mcg/kg LSD decreased the magnitude and duration of the LSD effect. Doses of 30-40 times the prophylactic Cpz dose, given alone, caused inhibition of behavior for about 1 hour. Thus, overdose of the antagonist results in an LSD-like synaptic and behavioral effect.
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