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Freedman DX. 
“LSD-25 and brain serotonin in reserpinized rat”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1960;19:266.
Since 5-HT brain levels are slightly elevated after LSD administration, 5-HT was determined in reserpinized brain. LSD (0.130 mg/kg) was given rats 12-24 hours after one single dose of (1 mg/kg) reserpine. They were sacrificed 20, 60, 120 minutes or 24 hours later. At each interval the brain 5-HT was two-fold elevated over reserpine controls. If 4 mg/kg reserpine was given, larger doses of LSD were required. Similar elevation was produced by a dosage of BOL-148 10 times higher than that of LSD. . Mechanisms governing central amines may be related to the action of LSD, as behavioral studies showed "increased impairment and delayed tolerance development with the above dose schedules."
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