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Thuring JP. 
“The influence of LSD on the handwriting pressure curve”. 
Advanc. Psychosom. Med.. 1960;1:212.
Two criteria in time dimensions, 3 in the pressure dimension and 2 criteria related to the length of a certain set of written words were selected (out of Steinwachs' 40 criteria) to test if LSD causes alterations in handwriting pressure which are correlated to the degree of clinical disturbances and to the degree of the alteration in two psychoticism tests (Eysenck's: Figure Reconstruction Test and the Tapping Test). Seventeen subjects were investigated. Two of 24 curves, one in the first half and one in the second half of the test, were chosen for the evaluation. . The intercorrelation of the 7 criteria was very low thus we may conclude that they are independent factors. There is a significant correlation between the degree of alterations in all 7 criteria, the degree of clinical evaluated disturbances and the degree of the alterations in the figure reconstruction test but not in the tapping test. . In a second group of experiments it was found that the relative variability in time and length and to a lesser degree the length itself gave the highest correlation. . Comment: For Eysenck's tests see 783.
Notes # : (Symposium of the 4th European Conference on Psychosomatic Research, Hamburg, April 1959)
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