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Cohen S. 
“The therapeutic potential of LSD-25”. 
A Pharmacologic Approach to the Study of the Mind. 1959;p251-258.
The author discusses the question whether LSD is a compound that augments the psychotherapeutic transaction. . A brief series of treatment with LSD in gradually increasing doses was administered to patients mainly with character disorders or neuroses at weekly intervals. The initial dose was 25 mcg. LSD which was increased by 25 mcg. for an average of 5 interviews at weekly intervals. Those patients were chosen who wanted to get well and were sufficiently intelligent to understand the nature of the treatment. . In general, the improved cases were psychoneurotics with anxiety, depression, hysterical features and compulsiveness. . The result of this short therapy led among others to the following conclusions: LSD may be useful when in psychotherapy progress stops or the patient is not able to "unblock" specific repressed material. LSD is excellent to study unconscious processes and to test some psychodynamic formulations.
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