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Mcneill JP, Hampton JK. 
“Effects on homeostasis of 5-hydroxytryptamine, lysergic acid diethylamide and 2-brom-d-lysergic acid.”. 
Amer. J .Physiol.. 1959;197:1191-1194.
Before application of a traumatic shock (rotation in a Noble-Collip-drum) rats were given 0.1-2.0 mg/kg serotonin (5-HT) or LSD i.m. Both drugs in low dosage increased the posttraumatic 24-hour mortality over that of controls which were treated with normal saline. After increase of dosage the mortality was first reduced - in 0.6 mg/kg 5-HT almost to the level of the controls (40%) and then, after further rise of dosage the mortality increased progressively to about 100%. I.v. pretreatment with 10-120 mcg/kg 5-HT or an equimolecular quantity, BOL-148, 5-HT + LSD - but only in highest dosage - the mortality. If 10-120 mcg/kg 5-HT were injected i.v. simultaneously with an equimolecular quantity LSD or BOL-148, 5-HT + LSD - but only in highest dosage - the mortality significantly increased over the controls and those animals which were pretreated with 5-HT = BOL-148. . According to Page, 5-HT has a depressor effect in high neurogenic vascular tonus, as in traumatized rats, otherwise it has a pressor effect. It is possible tiat 5-HT increases the traumatic collapse by its depressor effect. The inefficacy of i.v. injection is not clear. The variable effect of the mixtures 5-HT + LSD and 5- HT + BOL-148 might be due to the variable effect of BOL-148 + LSD on the psyche. Only BOL-148 of these drugs has a (miild) sedative effect.
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