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Sandison RA. 
“The role of psychotropic drugs in group therapy”. 
Bull. Org. mond. Santé. 1959;21:505-515.
In completing the previous study of the role of psychotropic drugs in individual therapy, Sandison describes the role of deep insulin therapy, of LSD and of tranquilizers in group psychotherapy. . Recalling a historical example, the Mexican hallucinogenic fungi, Sandison emphasizes the originally close connection between the custom of eating those fungi, the human milieu and the social structure. In LSD also the milieu has a decisive influence on the type of psychological experience; and the relations of the patient to his environment can profoundly change the contents of the LSD experience. . Sandison reports on group therapy in patients who were treated individually with LSD. This group therapy was undertaken to eliminate certain fears, to solve the problems of transference and to incorporate the new patients in the group. The group gives the patient a certain protection against the effect of the breakdown of his resistance which is an important and inevitable element of the LSD treatment. . (See 48, 80 , 232, 329, 722)
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