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Rojo SM. 
“EL LSD-25 y la psicoterapia en grupo”. 
Rev. psiquiat. y. psicol. méd.. 1960;4:419-422.
The author had administered 40-60 mcg. LSD by injection to several neurotics and left them sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours. He observed that the use of LSD facilitated communication between the neurotic patients. This experience prompted him to use LSD in group psychotherapy. . As is well-known, LSD causes generally estrangement of the patient from his environment and concentration on the ego. On the other hand, LSD also produces changes in the affective state disrupting the "defensive barriers" which exist between two or more neurotic patients. This makes contact possible. Under the influence of LSD, the neurotic patient drops the mask which he assumes to protect himself against the world and he takes up contact with equals i.e. with other members of the group.
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