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Ishido M. 
“Psychopathologische Untersuchungen der psychischen LSD-Störung - Erforscung durch Beeinflussung mit Medikamenten”. 
Psychiat. Neurol. Japan. 1960;62:1324-1343.
Twenty subjects were given 50-100 Gm. LSD in 23 tests, thereafter, during the height of the LSD effect 10- 25 mg. i.v. chlorpromazine (Cpz) or 50-100 mg. azacyclonol or 50-100 mg. amobarbital. . All 3 drugs had an antagonistic effect against LSD symptoms. Cpz was most effective. Azacyclonol is occasionally able to exacerbate LSD symptoms. Amobarbital seems to have a qualitatively different effect from Cpz and azacyclonol. . Under the effect of all 3 drugs visual hallucinations disappeared with closed eyes earlier than other LSD symptoms, an "elementary" hallucination changing after Cpz and azacyclonol transiently into a "scenic" hallucination. This was not observed after amobarbital.
Notes # : (Original Japanese) 84-85
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