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Takashina K. 
“Physiological studies of visual symptoms due to the effects of hallucinogenic agent LSD-25 on the critical fusion frequency of flicker, the electric flicker threshold, and the intensity threshold for light”. 
Psychiat. Neurol. Japan. 1960;62:1745.
For the purpose of exploring the physiological mechanism from which visual symptoms arise, the critical fusion frequency of flicker (c.f.f.), the electric flicker threshold (in the electroretinogram) and the intensity threshold for light was studied in relation to visual symptoms. The results are summarized as follows: . 1. After LSD (25-50 mcg.), increment of c.f.f. and decrement of the electric flicker threshold and the intensity threshold for light appeared. The cone dark adaptation was inhibited, and the rod dark adaptation was facilitated. . 2. The mode of appearance of c.f.f. was peculiarly modified; a new phenomenon that the author named "supracritical value" occurred. . 3. The changes of c.f.f. and the supracritical value seemed to parallel the courses of the visual symptoms, but it was difficult to find such a parallel in either the electric flicker threshold or the intensity threshold for light. . 4. C.f.f. increased by LSD showed a decrease after sleep and the administration of histamine and antihistamines.
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