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Stévenin L, Benoit JC. 
“A propos de l'utilisation des substances dysleptiques en psychothérapie. Résultats favorables de séances répetées”. 
Encephale. 1960;49:428-434.
After completion of psychoanalytic treatment, a 30 year old man complained of lack of emotion and imagination and felt like a roboter. On 27 occasions (at weekly intervals) he received Psilocybin (3 x orally, 3 x i.v.), Mescaline (11 x i.v.) and LSD (10 x orally). The effect of the 3 dysleptics is analyzed as follows: . "LSD-25 which was given as the last drug in gradually increasing dosage, produced, like Psilocybin, some intellectual stimulation and facilitation of verbal expression. Childhood memories and actions of daily life were analyzed. Each of these interviews had a particular emotional nuance influencing the patient's basic attitude. Topics discussed included the patient's feelings of guilt, his feelings towards his wife, and the necessity of independence from the social group." . The paper "shows that in a case where discussion of problems alone did not suffice, repeated administration of dysleptic drugs was therapeutically effective. Owing to a psychotherapy which was adapted to the particular situation created by the psychodysleptics (in appropriate dosage), the patient was able to recover what he considered to be an essential part of his personality."
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