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Sandison RA. 
“Hallucinogenic drugs. Therapeutic applications”. 
Lancet. 1961;1:444-445.
Short report of society proceedings. . "Drawing on 8 years' experience at Powick Hospital, Worcester, the author described the treatment process as a therapeutic relationship between physician and patient during which LSD was given. Using it once or twice weekly for 4-8 hours, emotional tone deepended, thinking changed, regression (often painful) occurred, and unconscious material was abreactively released, often with intense illusions and hallucinations. Below the personal unconscious, archetypal material could be detected - this being the most important level of all. A therapeutic environment was required which permitted acting-out, yet was secure enough to prevent suicide and psychosis - the two dangers inherent in the method, though of some 500 cases treated he only knew of 1 in which subsequent long-standing psychosis could be related to the drug. But LSD in the absence of a psychotherapeutic environment could be disastrous, and "working out" of the material released might take up to 3 years, requiring the occasional intervention of the therapist."
Notes # : (Roy. Medic-Psychol. Ass., London, 15-17.2.1961)
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