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Brown BB. 
“CNS stimulants and electrical brain activity in spontaneously behaving cats”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1961;20:320 (Part I).
"Effects of LSD, amphetamine and deanol on spontaneous and evoked brain electrical activity and spontaneous behavior were evaluated in "chronic" cats. Behavior changes were subtle; responses indicated alterations in perception and meaning to internal and external stimuli. The cats' behavioral contributions to drug effect were seen both overtly and electrically; amphetamine "calming" hyperactive but alerting lethargic cats, change in space discrimination by LSD; also individual shifts between EEG frequency and behavioral state. LSD (0.0015 mg/kg i.v.) caused frequent rhythmic bursts in cortex, altered hippocampal theta activity, dissociation between cortex and sub-cortex in alerting response, displacement of EEG dominant frequency with respect to behavioral state. Auditory potentials were reduced, but rhinencephalic and visual potentials were enhanced. Except for photic responses, effects of intraventricular LSD were opposite in direction. d-Amphetamine (0.02 mcg/kg i.v.) caused dissociation between EEG and behavioral states, depressed reticular conduction but enhanced responses to amygdala and photic stimulation. Deanol (10 mg/kg i.v.) shifted relationship between EEG frequency and behavioral state without obvious change in behavior, and enhanced reticular and cortical activity as evaluated by evoked potentials."
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