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Sankar DB, Siva DV, Gold E, Phipps E. 
“Effect of LSD, BOL, and chlorpromazine in serotonin levels”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1961;20:344 (Part I).
Rabbits received 0.92 mg. of radioactive 5-hydroxytryptophan-3-C14. Forty-five minutes later some of the series received 0.5 mg. LSD or BOL 148 or 30 mg. chlorpromazine (Cpz). The animals were killed 15 minutes later and the brain (cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem and rest of brain) and other organs were assayed for total radioactivity and serotonin levels (5-HT). The specific radioactivity of 5-HT was also calculated. .

RESULTS: LSD increased 5-HT in the brain (except the cerebrum) and in all other tissues examined. . Cpz decreased 5-HT in the brain and the heart but not in the other visceral tissues. . BOL 148 increased 5-HT in liver, lung and kidney and decreased it in the brain, heart and other tissues. . LSD was the only one of the 3 substances which increased 5-HT in the brain and the heart. . It is possible that the psychotropic effects of LSD and Cpz are related to their diametrically opposed actions on brain 5-HT.
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