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Taeschler M, Cerletti A. 
“Techniques used for investigating central nervous activity by studying vegetative functions”. 
Acta Internat. Meet.on Techniques for Study of Psychotropic Drugs. 1960 June 26-27.
LSD and emotional stimulation both induce hyperthermia in rabbits, a symptom of ergotropic activation manifested also by piloerection, tachycardia, mydriasis and hyperglycemia. LSD and emotional stimulation both induce mydriasis in mice. Spontaneous motor activity is rather diminished by LSD. In humans, besides psychic changes, LSD also induces autonomic reactions resembling those observed in animals and reflecting characteristic psychotropic effects more closely than motor action. . Mellaril induces ptosis in meriones (a rodent), but it hardly depresses the instinctive digging behavior. Mellaril inhibits emotional defecation of rats. No parallelism was found between the inhibitory effects of several phenothiazines on emotional defecation and on conditioned escape responses. . Thus psychic stimulants and depressants produce central autonomic changes similar to those provoked by corresponding emotional alterations. The quantitatively demonstrable changes in autonomic functions are a valuable indicator of psychic changes. There is no parallelism between drug effects on motor and on autonomic phenomena.
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