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Krus DM, Wapner S, Bergen J, Freeman H. 
“The influence of progesterone on behavioral changes induced by lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) in normal males”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1961;2:177-184.
Since it is known that progesterone inhibits the effects of LSD in rats, analogous double-blind experiments were performed in humans. . Twelve normal male volunteers, aged 26 to 38, received during 4 separate trials: placebo or 600 mg. progesterone or 75 mcg. LSD or 600 mg. progesterone followed 1 hour later by 75 mcg. LSD orally. The effects of LSD were scored by means of 11 tests, concerning sensorimotor, perceptual and conceptual behavior. Tests were started 2 hours after LSD or placebo administration. . Changes in mean scores after LSD occurred in the direction predicted (from previous experiments) in 10 of 11 tests and were significant in 7. . There was some evidence that progesterone diminished the effectiveness of LSD. In 9 of 11 tests the mean scores for LSD plus progesterone fell between the mean scores for the placebo and LSD alone and in 3 of these 9 tests the differences between LSD and LSD plus progesterone were significant. . The effect of progesterone alone did not differ significantly from that of the placebo, but in 8 of 11 tests the direction of the differences was the same as between LSD and placebo.
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