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Ray OS, Marrazzi AS. 
“A Quantifiable Behavioral Correlate of Psychotogen and Tranquilizer Actions”. 
Science. 1961;133:1705-1706.
LSD, 0.10 mg/kg intraperitoneally (i.p.), a dose which does not produce gross effects, increases response latency in rats to a tone indicating the availability of water reward on pressing a lever. This effect is greatly reduced after 0.030 mg/kg chlorpromazine (Cpz) i.p., a dose which alone did not affect performance. Larger, but non-depressant doses of Cpz, (1.0 mg/kg i.p.) enchance LSD inhibition, while still larger doses (2.25 mg/kg Cpz i.p.) produce an effect resembling that of LSD but distinguished from it by a considerable degree of sedation. . "The observed antagonism and summation are the characteristics that mark the competition between two substances with like actions but very different potencies. Because of this the weaker agent can, when it has gained access to the site of action (receptor) in moderate quantities, pre-empt a portion and, by substituting a weak for a strong action, subtract from and compete with the stronger action."
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