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JO Cole. 
“Discussion of Papers on Psychopharmacologic Studies”. 
JS Gottlieb, G Tourney, Scientific Papers and Discussions, Detroit, Am.Psychiat.A.. 1959.
Comment on paper by Rome which the discussor feels was well written and well presented:..."i was particularly intrigued by the mystical experiences he described as occurring both in religious states and under the influence of some psychotomimetic drugs. Do experiences of this sort have any place in the treatment of psychiatric states? This question was also raised at a conference on LSD-25 and Psychotherapy held by the Josiah Macey Jr. Foundation last spring, which is now in press. Several therapists present at that conference were using LSD-25 chiefly to achieve for the patient the mystical sensation of being at one with the universe, and these clinicians felt strongly that such experiences were, indeed, therapeutic. This contention deserves serious test. A recent report by Smith1 on the effectiveness of a single administration of LSD-25 as treatment of chronic alcoholism is sufficiently interesting to warrent further study in this area.
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