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Martin AJ. 
“A case of psychopathic personality with homosexuality treated by LSD”. 
Hallucinogenic drugs and their psychotherapeutic use. 1963;p112-115.
This was a Jewish man of thirty-two, referred to the Marlborough Day Hospital from the London Jewish Hospital, after he had received every possible form of treatment and had not responded to any.

Complaint. He was complaining of feeling antisocial and completely unable to get on with people whether at work or in private. He was irritable and depressed, he also suffered from a stammer, and from active homosexuality, which he deplored. He was unable to hold a job for more than a week or two, since he developed ideas of reference about the people he worked with.
Notes # : Proc. Quart. Meet. Royal Med.-Psychol. Ass., London, February, 1961
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