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Martin AJ. 
“The treatment of twelve male homosexuals with "LSD." (followed by a detailed account of one of them who was a psychopathic personality)”. 
Acta psychother.. 1962;10:394-402.
Homosexuality is considered by some psychiatrists to be a congenital disease unamenable to any form of treatment. It was thought that there might be some difference in the sex chromosomes of homosexuals to account for this. Recent work done however by Professor Penrose showed that although some people do have abnormalities in their sex chromosomes, there is no correlation with homosexuality.

Peter Scott holds the view that homosexuality is a complex adaptation rather than an inborn tendency, since homosexuals frequently change their mode of sexual expression, sometimes being passive in their sexual approach and sometimes active. He mentions Ferenzi as introducing two categories of homosexuals. I. The subject-homo-erotics who are narcissistic rather than feminine, failing in love with their own image in the form of a beautiful young boy, and behaving towards him as they would have liked mother to have behaved to them, i.e. bestowing enormous loving care and consideration on them, and being unable to live happily without them. 2. The object-homo-erotics, who have anal rather than phallic characteristics, and wish to be "buggered" by father in the same way that they felt mother had been.
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