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Eisner BG. 
“The influence of LSD on unconscious activity”. 
Hallucinogenic drugs and their psychotherapeutic use. 1963;p141-145.
ANY resemblance between this paper and its title is, I am afraid, purely coincidental. The title was assigned while the paper was being written. The two probably have not met--let alone merged.

Probably the most fascinating aspect of close association with psycholytic drugs, and particularly LSD, is the almost miraculous way in which human dynamics are laid bare and levels of consciousness become available to scrutiny.

LSD and related agents appear to be research tools far beyond present-day conception--even the conception of those of us who have been working with them for years. Controlled journeys are made possible into the psyche: into the individual or personal unconscious; into the racial and collective unconscious; even into cosmic levels. This is possible through manipulation of the environment, the dosage, and the condition of the patient. Our observations indicate an enormous order in the unconscious and its multifaceted levels ; these levels seem to be available in what appears an orderly fashion. But why should it be otherwise, when each night sky reveals the ordered grandeur of the universe, and every flower expresses the beauty of transcendental symmetry?

It further seems apparent that LSD, when properly used, contains a great potential for the treatment of mental illnesses which may not be amenable to conventional methods. It appears to work specifically on the two essentials for true healing: the handling of problem areas; and the potentiating of the integrative experience whereby the individual feels himself at one with his environment.
Notes # : Proc. Quart. Meeting Royal Med.-Psychol. Assoc. London, February 1961, Ed. by: R Crocket, RA Sandison, A Walk, Lewis, London
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