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Spruit IP. 
“Ecstasy use and policy responses in the Netherlands”. 
Journal of Drug Issues. 1999 Sum;29(3):653-678.
During the last 25 yrs, the Netherlands has attempted to achieve a balanced, two-track, public health and justice policy on drugs. This paper considers the implementation of that policy for ecstasy, a drug that has gained popularity throughout Europe during this decade. Prevention is the Dutch government's primary policy aim. Research, monitoring, and registration are important foundations for the public health aspects of Dutch policy. Important policy instruments include the development of regulations directed towards reductions in the environmental risks posed by house parties and efforts to educate users and non-users about the drug. The justice elements of Dutch ecstasy policy include the outlawing of compounds (since 1988), passing new criminal legislation, and enhancing national and ordained that all drugs had to be criminally investigated and prosecuted along the same lines. Some public health and criminal justice elements of the national policy reinforce each other but others are conflicting. Policy efforts are directed towards the continuing process of maintaining a balance between these approaches and the control of conflicting interests. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)
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