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Savage C, Savage E, Fadiman J, Harman W. 
“LSD: Therapeutic Effects of the Psychedelic Experience”. 
Psychol. Reports. 1964;14:111-120.
Preliminary results of a study of psychedelic therapy are reported. Patients receive LSD and mescaline in a supportive setting following intensive preparation. Subjective questionnaire data from 113 patients reveal a high frequency of claimed benefit, low frequency of negative reaction, and a high relation between claimed benefit and reported "greater awareness of ultimate reality" through the LSD experience. Clinical data on 7-4 cases including blind ratings of MMPI profiles substantiate the claimed improvement rate. Cases in each of five improvement categories are summarized and before, 2 mo. after, and 6 mo. after MMPI data are included. Total improvement rate is above 80%. Follow-ups range from 6 mo. to 2 yr.
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