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Monnier M. 
“Action de la Psilocybine sur le cerveau du lapin”. 
Experientia. 1959;15:321-323.
Psilocybin (1.5, 2.0, 2.25 and 5 mg/kg i.v.) elicited mydriasis, increases in blood pressure and respiratory rate and transient bradycardia in the rabbit. The behavior of the animals was quieter than normal but the rabbits made a greater response to external stimuli exhibiting masticatory movements, muscle twitching and transient excitement. . The EEG tracing showed a marked arousal reaction with desynchronization in the motor and sensory cortex (neocortex) and predominantly synchronization in the hippocampus (paleocortex). . Psilocybin had little effect on the cortical potentials elicited by stimulation of the reticular formation in the mesencephalon and the posterior hypothalamus. By contrast, after Psilocybin, the effect of stimulating the median thalamus ("recruiting system") was clearly inhibited. The cortical desynchronization after Psilocybin is due to this inhibitory effect on the recruiting system. Further evidence of this is that Psilocybin elicited this arousal reaction, even if only to a slight degree, after intracollicular section of the brain stem (cerveau isole).
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