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J Delay, P Pichot, T Lemperiere. 
“La Psilocybin. Actions psychologique et therapeutique. ”. 
Presse med.. 1959.
A psychometric test (Holtzman ink-blot test) was carried out by 20 normal subjects given Psilocybin. The detailed results of the test will be published later. The results of the test indicate the importance of the affective disorders noted after 10 mg. Psilocybin. . Data on the possible therapeutic use of Psilocybin: in catatonic schizophrenia transient improvement in blocking and psychomotor inertia may be noted. In cases of melancholic depression mood reversal may last for several days. Nevertheless, the main value of Psilocybin, like LSD, is in psychoanalysis. It elicits a wealth of memories and releases inhibitions; these effects facilitate emotional abreaction and permit a better study of neurotic personality in cases of psychopathy, hysteria and obsession.
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