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HA abramson. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD 25): XXX. The questionnaire technique with notes on its use.”. 
J. Psychol.. 1960.
A review is given of the questionnaire devised by the Abramson group to assess the effects of LSD and other psychotomimetics. The questionnaire eliminates subjects making positive responses to placebo and detects the individual variations in the response to drugs. Thus, one subject made a greater response to 3 or 6 mg. Psilocybin than did another to 6 or 8 mg. Psilocybin. . When subjects are tested repeatedly they become somewhat sophisticated in evaluationg the symptoms elicited. This sophistication demonstrates, to some extent, the psychological threat of becoming psychotic during the experiment. Every effort has to be made to eliminate or reduce anxiety. . The use of the response index (number of positive responses divided by the dose in mcg.) provides a means of comparing the psychotomimetic effects of various structurally related substances. . Subjects can usually not distinguish between LSD and Psilocybin taken orally unless the doses are near the threshold level.
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