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Roubicek J, Drvota S. 
“Psilocybin, Nové Fantastikum”. 
Csl. Psychiat.. 1960;56(1):44-55.
The effect of 9-10 mg. Psilocybin s.c. was investigated in 5 healthy subjects and in 5 psychiatric patients and compared with that of LSD. . In healthy subjects, Psilocybin produces somatic and psychic changes which resemble those after LSD but are more pleasantly felt. This is especially well demonstrated by means of colored pencil drawings made by a subject under LSD. Under Psilocybin, the colors are experienced as magnificent, more pleasant and more interesting. After Psilocybin, changes which are similar to those after LSD but appear less marked are also observed in the EEG. . In psychiatric patients Psilocybin either accentuated the pre-existing symptomatology or elicited a striking psychomotor sedative effect which is interrupted only by occasional laughing. . Therapeutic trials do not allow any conclusions. In a compulsive neurotic, refractory to psychotherpay, insulin and tranquillizers, a trial was made of 9 mg. Psilocybin followed by 2 mg. daily wereupon a marked improvement occurred.
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