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B C. 
“La psilocybin. ”. 
Sem. med. prof. med. soc.. 1960.
Under the heading "Movement therapeutique", the author reviews the two publications of Delay et al. . "The authors consider the therapeutic effect of Psilocybin from two points of view: the direct biological action of the drug on the organism and the psychological effect by the use of material which was elicited during intoxication. . In chronic schizophrenics, the authors observed uniform and minimal reactions as if the patients lost all possibility of affective response. In catatonic patients they observed a transient reduction of the blockade and psychomotor inhibition. In new paranoid schizophrenics violent reactions of the confused type can be observed which sometimes present a real psycho-drama. . In the study of psychophatic and neuropathic personalities, the trial with Psilocybin is of real interest by stimulating affective memories, by removing inhibitions and omissions, thus allowing an exploration of the depth of the personality and by producing a change in the relationship of the patient and the doctor."
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