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Delay J, Pichot P, Nicolas-Charles P. 
“Premiers essais de la psilocybine en psychiatrie”. 
Neuro-Psychopharmacology. 1959;p528-531.
The content of this review of Psilocybin and the first clinical investigations which were done by the group of Delay are summarized by the authors as follows: . "Psilocybin is a psychotropic drug with psycholeptic effect. The visual hallucinations are inconstant and mostly it is a question of hallucinosis [i.e. visual perceptions of which the pure subjective nature is recognized and critically evaluated] or illusions [distorted perception of objects]. In psychiatric patients these visions occur very seldom. The important part of the psychic syndrome is an oneiric (dream-like) change of the experience. The possible therapeutic use of Psilocybin is still hypothetical. Probably it can be tried a) to revive past experiences, b) to make the oneiric state useful for a dream-analysis, c) to make changes of mood useful which are observed in certain cases." . (See S9-0006, S9-0008, S9-0009, S9-0010, S9-0011, S9-0022, S9-0023)
Notes # : Proceedings of the First International Congress of Neuro- Psychopharmacology, Rome, September 1958
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