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A Balestrieri. 
“Studies on cross tolerance with LSD-25, UML-491 and JB-336.”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1960.
Investigations in a total of 13 patients (psychoneurotic and neurologic cases). JB-336, a hallucinogenic drug, is N-methyl-piperidylbenzilate. All drugs were given orally unless otherwise specified. . LSD after UML-491. After 5-6 days' pretreatment with UML-491 (2-4 mg. daily) the psychic and autonomic reactions of the 5 subjects to 200 mcg. LSD were markedly reduced. . JB-336 in subjects with LSD tolerance. In 4 persons who did not react to this drug after 4-8 days' pretreatment with up to 200 mcg. LSD daily, the response to JB-336 (10 mg.) was only insignificantly reduced. . Psilocybin in subjects with LSD tolerance. In two psychoneurotics 5-8 days' pretreatment with LSD (up to 200 mcg. per dose) did not produce any tolerance to Psilocybin (6 mg. i.m.) Psilocybin tolerance obviously develops only with great difficulty even on prolonged treatment, as investigations on 3 other psychoneurotics showed (3-6 mg. Psilocybin orally or i.m. daily for 7-9 days). . As earlier investigations by Balestrieri and other authors with BOL-148 and UML-491 show, the tolerance to LSD develops also after pretreatment with nonpsychotropic lysergic acid derivatives. Earlier investiations by Balestrieri with Mescaline and LSD show on the other hand that the development of tolerance depends also on the similarity of the effect per se, but not absolutely as these show in the present investigations with JB-336 or Psilocybin after LSD. . Comment: Regarding LSD after UML-491: A direct antagonism between LSD and UML-491 seems to be present since, after one single dose of 3 mg. UML-491 in 4 further persons, the effect of 150 mcg. LSD was not reduced.
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