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Volmat R, Robert R. 
“Premières peintures obtenues chez un artiste sous l'action d'un nouvel hallucinogène: La Psilocybine”. 
Aesculape. 1960;43:27-38.
After intake of 10 mg. Psilocybin, a painter was asked to copy one of his earlier pictures (gouache painting). The test failed, whereupon he used pastel and water colors and painted only with his hands (without brush) painting a picture every 3 minutes for 80 minutes. . Under Psilocybin, the painter changed his style, became abstract and surrendered himself to the rhythmic play of forms. Impulses for fabulous speed and paradoxical freedom of automatism took the place of elaborate techniques. The disorders of the body scheme and space experience was expressed in the paintings by prolongation and dominance of verticals.
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