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Heimann H. 
“Ausdrucksphanomenologie der Modellpsychosen (Psilocybin): Vergleich mit Selbstschilderung und psychischem Leistungsausfall”. 
Psychiatria et Neurologia. 1961;141:69-100.
"The author sets out the method of studying expressive phenomena by the use of sound-film recording. He also describes its application to model psychoses and illustrates this with a report on preliminary findings as to the effect of the new phantasticum called Psilocybin. The expressive change can be divided into three phases, which indicate that the drug exerts its effect progressively on ego-distant and ego-proximal areas of the person's basic constitution." . "In our opinion the experimental findings support our interpretation of the findings we obtained from observation of expressive phenomena direct. They show that in experimental psychology, if comparable results are to be obtained, we must take into account the fact that the drug takes effect at different levels and does take time to reach its full effect. It is also necessary to bear in mind the doubtfulness of any analogy between model psychoses and genuine psychoses. Exact registration and interpretation of expression and behavior can provide a reliable basis both for the appropriate application of other psychological tests and for discriminating judgments on the relationship between model and genuine psychoses."
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