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Pichot P. 
“Hallucinogenic drugs. New Drugs”. 
Lancet. 1961;I:444.
Short report of society proceedings. . "Psilocybin, one of the hallucinogenic principles of the Mexican mushroom, Psilocybe mexicana, had been studied in 137 subjects (normal and psychiatric) by the author and his colleagues. Molecular structure and crosstolerance showed similarities to LSD-25, but Psilocybin was far less active and briefer (4 hours) in effect. Central autonomic stimulation was noted, mainly sympathetic, and always caused mydriasis, but other changes varied. Mood change was followed by distortions, illusions, hallucinations and alterations in body image - often of a gross nature. Addiction could be a risk. Though the emotions were of uncontrollable intensity, environmental stimuli greatly influenced the picture. Its future applications might be diagnostic, by unmasking or augmenting the outline of the underlying disorder, and therapeutic, by catharsis of unconscious material with full recall."
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