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Rummele W, Gnirss F. 
“Untersuchungen mit Psilocybin, einer psychotropen Substanz aus Psilocybe Mexicana”. 
Schweizer Archiv für Neurologie u. Psychiatrie. 1961;87(2):365-385.
The response to a single dose of psilocybin in 18 trials (9 times orally and 9 times s.c.) is described. . Dosage: A marked reaction was seen only with doses above 3 mg.; 6 mg. (orally or s.c.) induced a slight intoxication, 10 mg. (s.c.) severe intoxication. . Psilocybin 6 mg. sublingually produced (in 5 of 9 trials) after 15-60 minutes disturbances of sensory perception: space seemed enhanced, colors intensified, and body movement provoked elementary hallucinations in the dark (synesthesias). No important autonomic symptoms. . Psilocybin 5-6 mg. s.c. always induced marked autonomic symptoms after 5-15 minutes, bradycardia, increased blood pressure, diminution in respiratory rate and increase in respiratory volume, headache, vertigo, desynchronization in the EEG. Psychic effects were more accentuated and sensory perception was less altered than with oral Psilocybin. One of the authors experienced marked autonomic disturbances after 10 mg. Psilocybin s.c., very pronounced psychic symptoms with body image changes and feelings of depersonalization. . Psilocybin-induced intoxication often developed in 2 phases: an initial phase with diminished activity and a second phase with increased activity and predominantly euphoric, rarely dysphoric mood changes.
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