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Volmat R, Rosolato G, Wiart C, Robert R. 
“Recherches expérimentales actuelles en esthétique”. 
Le Carabin. 1960 December;p81-90.
During a two-year investigation with Psilocybin, 21 amateur and professional painters were studied. To evaluate the effect of Psilocybin [no details of dosage] the pictures, drawings, etc. of the painters were analyzed during and after administration of Psilocybin. . In one case, the effect of Psilocybin on his paintings (4 pictures reproduced) was thus explained: "dissolution of forms and their importance in regard to colors as well as their expression which was different from faithful reproduction (similarity)". The painting that was made the day after Psilocybin was administered showed that the painter experienced "revelation" and now tries to paint as under Psilocybin: there are still dynamic, rhythm and carelessness of forms but the usual technique of the artist reappears again. This post-experimental work is designed as "intermediate stage" between the picture before and the pictures during Psilocybin effect. . The properties of Psilocybin permit the artist the "recognizance of a visionary and colored world". The experiences confirm that experimental art can be one step toward change of style for the future work of the painter. But they showed also that such technique for painting does not produce any common structure with the performances of chronic schizophrenics. . (See S9-0040)
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