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LE Hollister, JJ Prusmack, JA Paulsen, N Rosenquist. 
“Comparison of three psychotropic drugs (Psilocybin, JB-329, and IT-290) in volunteer subjects.”. 
J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.. 1960.
Psilocybin resembled LSD. Onset of action was fairly prompt and symptoms subsided after 4 hours. Initial anxiety and tension were followed by euphoria, an introspective state and ability to communicate. Visual effects were predominant. The general experience was pleasant. With IT-290 onset was slower and effects were longer lasting. Direct stimulation was greater, early symptoms of restlessness and anxiety were more pronounced, and visual effects infrequent and mild. Mental function was little impaired. Somatic symptoms (nausea etc.) were greater in number and degree. The general experience was pleasant (except for the somatic effects). JB-329 had a completely different effect. Onset of action was rapid and effects were prolonged. The syndrome resembled a toxic delirium; the mood tended to be depressed. The general experience was unpleasant. . Psilocybin elevated blood pressure in 3 cases, IT-290 and JB-329 in 1 case; pulse rate was elevated by IT- 290 and JB-329 in 1 case. Circulating eosinophils were decreased by Psilocybin and JB-329, urinary excretion of inorganic phosphorus was decreased by Psilocybin only. . Psychometric tests revealed slight impairment by Psilocybin, greater impairment by JB-329 and no change by IT-290. . Dosage: Psilocybin (27 trials in 16 subjects): orally 60-209 mcg/kg (18 trials), parenterally 37-203 mcg/kg (9 trials); JB-329 orally 40-339 mcg/kg (11 trials, 11 subjects); IT-290 orally 384-810 mcg/kg (8 trials, 8 subjects). . Comment: JB-329 consists of 2 isomers: N-ethyl-2-pyroli-dylmethylphenyl-cyclopentyl glycolate hydrochloride and N-ethyl-3-piperidyl-phenylcyclopentyl glycolate hydrochloride. IT-290 is dl-alpha- methyl-tryptamine. IT-290 is a Sandoz trial preparation. It is not commercially available. . Serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase, serum pseudocholinesterase, serum alkaline phosphatase, serum cholesterol and the EEG were not significantly changed by either of the 3 drugs. With all three drugs dilation of pupils was almost always present; incoordination was present in some cases.
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