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De Oliveira LF, Sollero L. 
“Interactions of 5-Hydroxytryptamine and Narcotic Analgesics on Dog Intestine in vivo”. 
Pharmacology (Basel). 1973;10:291-297.
The effects of intra-arterially (i.a.) injected morphine and dextromoramide on 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)-induced contraction of the jejunum Or dog were tested. Dextromoramide increased the intestinal contractile action of 5-HT from 44.7 + 8.8 cm H,O- to 154.6 17.3 cm H2 O. This effect was reversible in about 15 min. The tryptamine antagonists LSD, BOL, dibenamine, and cyproheptadine failed in blocking 5-HT and the narcotic analgesics. Atropine (50mcg/kg i.a.), however, was active in this respect. We propose that 5-HT released by morphine acts on tryptamine receptors located on the ganglionar cells and is not blocked by LSD. Possibly morphine inhibits also the uptake of 5-HT by the myentericplexus which would explain the potentiation of exogenous 5-HT.
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