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Shields PJ, Eccleston D. 
“Evidence for the Synthesis and Storage of 5-Hydroxytryptamine in Two Separate Pools in the Brain”. 
J Neurochem. 1973;20(3):881-88.
The existence of 2 serotonin (5-HT) storage pools and synthes-is pathways was investigated in rat brain Methods Using previously described methods 3H-5-HT levels were .: measured in 3 groups of rats given (I) 0, 50' 100 or 250 mg/kg i.p LSD (Sandoz) with 150 mg/kg i.p pargyline (P), 200 IlCi/kg i,p L-(3H)-tryptophan (3HTP) after 6 min and killed after 15 min. (II) P 12- or 20 days after adrenalectomy, then 100 mcCi/kg 3H-TP after 15 min. then killed after 30 min. or (III) 100 psi 3H-TP and electrical stimulation of raphe nuclei after I hr Results 3H-5-HT synthesis was reduced by LSD but the total rate of : 5-HT accumulation and rate of TP uptake was little affected; 1 mg/ kg LSD produced the same effect After adrenalectomy, there was : a significant rise in total rate of 5-HT accumulation without alter - ing amine synthesis, TP levels or the amount of 3H- TP takers up. : For the 1st 15 min of electrical stimulation, specific activity and level of 3H-5-HT fell significantly, but the fall in endogenous 5-HT was not significant At 60 min 5-HT specific activity was similar in control and stimulated animals Results provide further evidence for the presence of 2 or more . 5-HT storage pools in brain which receive amine synthesized by : different pathways Thus measuring 3H-5-HT biosynthesis from 3HTP in the presence of an MAO-inhibitor may selectively measure the turnover of the functional 5-HT pool.
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