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Soskin RA. 
“The Use of LSD in Time-Limited Psychotherapy”. 
J Nerv Ment Dis. 1973;157(6):410-19.
The results of a double blind trial of LSD in psychotherapy are presented. 21 Inpatients with psychosomatic disorders and 7 non-psychotic psychiatric inpatients (5 with personality disorders, 2 with schizophrenic reactions in remission) were studied. 14 Patients (11 psychosomatic) were randomly assigned to the LSD group and 14 (10 psychosomatic) to the placebo group. Twice wkly for 13 wk patients were given hrly psychotherapy sessions. In addition 5 drug sessions, beginning in week 4 of therapy and subsequently biweekly were given. LSD patients were given 50 dmcg LSD p.o. initially and this dose was raised by 50mcg increments to 250 g generally in the final session. Placebo patients received 25 mg Librium and 25 mg ritalin p.o. every session, which were conducted in a specially designed homelike room with the therapist in attendance for at least 7 hr. During the first and 13th week of treatment, the following patient self-report measures were administered, MMPI, Cattellts 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16 OF), Decks 13 and 14 of the Hilden Q-sort (HQS) and the Philosophies of human nature (PHN) scale. In addition a psychologist gave the Roschach and Thematic Apperception tests and 2 independent judges rated each patient before and after treatment on the Wittenborn Psychiatric scale and the California Q-set (CQS). 18 Mth later, 20/28 patients repeated the same battery of self-report tests and were given a standard interview and were rated on the CQS. There were no significant differences between LSD and-placebo groups on self-report variables or on clinical assessment.Both groups significantly improved after treatment. 18 Mth later, the placebo group were more emotionally stable, conscientious and more socially precised than the LSD group, according to self reports. Both groups showed a regression tendency to pre-treatment levels. Clinical assessment showed that gains in the level adjustment after treatment were maintained at 18 mth, irres-- ctive of treatment given. LSD has no advantages over psychotherapy alone in the short term treatment of psychosomatic of non-psychotic disorders.
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