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Abrahams SL, Goldstein DB. 
“Effect Of Serotonin, LSD, And Other Indoleamines (in Adenyl Cyclase In The Liver Fluke.”. 
Fed.Proc.. 1974;33(2):1249.
Motility of the intact liver fluke Fasciola hepatiea is immediately enhanced by lO M serotonin (5-HT). Concomitant with this is a 7-fold increase of endogenous cyclic AMP (cAMP) which is localized in the oral end (head) of the fluke an area rich in nerve ganglia. 5-HT also stimulates the adenyl cyclase obtained from cell free homogenates of the fluke (Mansour et al., J. Biol. Che=., 235, 466, 1960). This cyclase activity resides mainly in the insoluble, particulate fraction extracted from the fluke head. Various indole analogs of 5 - HT similarly enhance fluke motility but have much less effect on cyclase activity or endogenous cAMP. LSD increases fluke motility, slightly activates adenyl cvclase but antagonizes the elevation of endogenous cAMP by 5-HT. We have shown the presence of other components of the cAMP system, namely protein kinase and phosphodiesterase. The results suggest that LSD and 5-HT are acting at or near the same site within the membrane. LSD could either sterically block incoming 5-HT, or it might bind too tightly to be turned over.
Notes # : Abstr.No. 138
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