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Appel JB. 
“The effects of drugs on continuous avoidance behavior with a warning stimulus.”. 
Research Report, NIGH Grants MH 13186, MH-9355, 1970. - 34. 1971;10(9):466.
The effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), chlorpromazine (CPZ) and d-amphetamine on continuous (Sidman) avoidance behavior with a warning stimulus (light and buzzer) were compared. While relatively high doses of LSD (0.32 -1.28 mg/kg) depressed the overall rate of the wheel turning avoidance response, only 1.28 mg/kg affected efficient responding, i.e.,responding in the presence of the warning stimulus. CPZ had a greater depressing effect on efficient responding than it did on overall rate and d-amphetamine increased the total amount of avoidance behavior. The effects of all of the drugs were similar to those obtained in the same apparatus in discrete trial escape and avoidance situations. 11 references.
Notes # : Referiert in: Psychopharmacology Abstracts
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