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Barnes DT, Whitaker LH, Seal E. 
“The uses and abuses of L.S.D. and other hallucinogenic drugs.”. 
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychíatry. 1970;4(4):170-173.
A report is presented on the uses and abuses of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs by the Victoria Branch Committee of the A.N.Z.C.P. Aus-tralian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists as a result of a questionnaire sent to 19 psychiatrists who hold licenses to use hallu-cinogenic agents. About 4,0 patients were-treated by the 11 psychiatrists who replied. Good results of use of hallucinogenic drugs were re-ported in cases where there was high motivation and good rapport. Most of the psychiatrists preferred psilocybin to facilitate psychotherapy. The committee concluded that the use of hallucinogenic drugs is justified. Appendices on LSD and chromosomes and moral and ethical considerations in the use of hallucinogenic drugs are attached.
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