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Barren SP, Lowinger PEE. 
“A clinical examination of chronic LSD uŠ in the community.”. 
Comprahens.Psychiat.. 1970;11(1):69-70.
A report on chronic lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) users is detailed, with emphasis on the long-term effects on behavior and mental function in those who have not had a psychiatric illness re-Iated to LSD.. The subjects were 20 paid volun-teers who had taken LSD an average of 38 times over a period of from 6 months to 5 years, and were utilizing LSD with decreasing frequency. Long standing personality disorders are very frequent among chronic LSD users, but it must be noted that in every case these disorders antedated the use of the drug and did not appear to be worse in 2 to 3 years-of LSD use. Subjects' claims of personal benefits could not be substan-tiated, and the study indicates that while' the group showed no evidence of increasing personal or social disorganization, no significant benefit from LSD use was noted. 18 references.
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