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Benzi G, De Bernardi M, Manzo L, Ferrara A, Panceri P, Arrigoni E, Berte F. 
“Effect of lysergide and nimergoline on glucose metabolism investigated on the dog brain isolated in situ.”. 
J.pharm.Sci.. 1972;61:348-352.
The glucose uptake and lactic and pyruvic acid formation were investigated in the dog brain iso-lated in situ during: (1) control conditions, (2). hypoxia by suppression of blood oxygenation, and (3) recovery of oxygenation and intracarotid treatment with saline solution or Lysergide or nimer-goline at the rate of O.5ml/min. for 30 min. The hypoxia induced at first an increase and sub-sequently a decrease in brain glucose uptake, with an increase in both lactic and pyrovic acid formation. The subsequent recovery of blood oxygena-tion, with intracarotid perfusion with saline solution, induced only a partial recovery of glucose metabolism supported by the increase of the depressed glucose uptake and the decrease of the enhanced lactic and pyrovic acid formation. No significant difference could be demonstrated versus the intracarotid perfusion with lysergide. The intracarotid perfusion with nimergoline induced both an increase in cerebral glucose uptake and a decrease in pyruvate formation, with statistical difference with respect to the change induced by saline solution perfusion; the lactic acid formation remained in the same order of magnitude induced by saline solution perfusion. 26 references.
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