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Bonny HL, Pahnke WN. 
“The use of music in psychedelic LSD psychotherapy”. 
J.Music Ther.. 1972;9(2):64-87.
The use of music in psychedelic lysergic acid diethylamide - LSD psychotherapy is discussed. The five ways in which music complements therapeutic objectives are discussed: l by help-ing the patient relinquish usual controls and enter more fully into his inner world of experience 2 by facilitating the release of intense emotionality 3 by contributing toward a peak experience 4 by providing continuity in an experience of time-lessness and 5 by directing and structuring the experience. A discussion of how music is used in psychedelic drug sessions includes a music x-perience questionnaire and a description of the six phases of the LSD experience with suggested musical selections for each phase. Insights are given on the use of music in drug assisted therapy which may apply to nondrug therapy.
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