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Connell PH. 
Side effects of drugs Vol.7. 1972;p38-50.
The last edition of this book referred to side effects of the use of lysergide (LSD). With the increasing use of hallucinogens particularly by young people an increasing number of papers - have reported effects and side effects. This short chapter does not attempt to review the whole of the literature on hallucino - gens but merely reports side effects which come to the notice of doctors in their practice of medicine (as in casualty departments), and those reported as a result of clinical studies and research on humans. Recent reviews of the situation in relation to cannabis and Lysergide such as those prepared by the British Advisory on Drug Dependence Canadian Government Commission have covered much of the background material. In general terms the position of Lysergide is that of a drug with minimal use in therapeutics and with possible dangers which have led to its general acceptance as a dangerous drug. The position of cannabis remains unclear but in - creasing research using tetrahydrocannabinols (THC), known active principles of cannabis, which can now be synthesized, should clarify the situation in relation to this drug. Whatever the scientific knowledge that emerges from present and future studies, it must be recognized that illicit use of this drug continues to increase and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to control its use. This increasing use will undoubtedly lead to an increase in reports of deleterious effects and to greater involvement of doctors in this field. Many other naturally occurring and syn - thetic substances have been defined which have hallucinogenic. properties but few appear in case reports. It is well known that young drug experimenters tend to use almost any sub - stance reported correctly or incorrectly to be hallucinogenic, and that many substances sold illicitly to drug users purporting to be a certain drug have been shown, in those few instances where chemical analysis has been performed, to be something else. Much of the mescaline sold illicitly is likely, for instance, to be lyser - gide of varying purity.
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