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Costello CE, Hertz HS, Sakai T, Biemann K. 
“Routine Use of a Flexible Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer - Computer System to Identify Drugs and Their Metabolites in Body Fluids of Overdose Victims.”. 
Clin.Chem.. 1974;20:255-265.
Mass-spectra of drugs, metabolites and other body fluid constituents obtained following GLC- examination of these samples have been formed into a computer-searchable library for the identification of these substances in drug-overdose and abuse cases. Gastric juice, urine, blood, CSF, etc were extracted with methylene chloride after basifying where necessary, the solutions dried and concentrated and subjected to GLC prior to MS. Compounds such as aspirin, LSD, if suspected,can be identified directly by MS. The library at present consists of 304 spectra mostly-drugs and their metabolites and other foreign materials all obtained following isolation from fluids by the prescribed procedure. Information is given on searching and comparison of tapes and their interpretation. This is illustrated by reference to several cases where a patient had taken - a mixture- of pethidine, methaqualone and diazepam; another had taken cyproheptadirie and a third methaqualone when methadone was suspected anti the presence of cocaine was also indicated. Examination of the blood of this patient also indicated diazepam. Use of the library in all cases of suspected drug overdose is recommended.
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